Nutrient Mapping of Fields

GPS soil sampling, analysis and mapping provides you with detailed soil nutrient information of fields, enabling you to make informed management decisions on the need for phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and lime applications. These nutrient levels are interpretated for more cost effective fertiliser useage.

Nutrient mapping of fields to optimise fertiliser useage on farm. The maps are created using the soil analysis results mapped at the GPS locations of soil samples within the field outline. Then colour coded to visually highlight the variations in soil nutrient status within fields. Some fields may have relatively uniform amounts of one or more nutrient, whilst other fields may show big differences in soil fertility. The field outlines used in these maps are created by driving around the field perimeter at the time of soil sampling and such digital outlines of field areas or boundaries can be be requested independent of the soil sampling service. The GPS mapping service is available in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire by Willington Crop Services.

Farmers can often predict whether fields will have no differences or big differences based on local knowledge. For example, fields that generally yield fairly evenly are less likely to show big differences, and likewise fields with uniform soil type are less likely to reveal big differences. At the same time fields regarded as fairly uniform can some times give variable soil nutrient analysis, and highlight untapped potential in parts of fields. A digital nutrient map highlighting the differences in soil nutrient status focuses the mind on optimising fertiliser use and potential savings.

Benefits of Nutrient Maps

  • Optimise fertiliser use: possibly reduce fertiliser and/or lime required
  • Application of fertiliser where nutrients or pH are limiting yields rather than blanket applications
  • A robust nutrient management plan to justify quantities of fertiliser used
  • Reduce environmental impact by applying fertiliser to areas requiring nutrients rather than the whole field

Our Nutrient Mapping Service

  • GPS soil sampling, with approx one sample location per hectare
  • 16 soil core samples collected from within each sample location area
  • Additional sample locations can be added to target known yield or soil type variations
  • Independent analysis for P, K, Mg and pH as standard. Additional factors can be included if requested, eg organic matter, Bo
  • Produce nutrient map for analytical results
  • Return maps in format to suit farmer software/ mapping programme
  • Expert interpretation of soil analysis and recommendations based on these results
  • Creation of application maps to suit farm machinary software
  • Quote before service, all inclusive price
Contact Willington Crop Services for a quote and to discuss your farm and fields.


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